“My only goal in life is to be content in mind and body, live peacefully, and love fully.”


Welcome to Projectenergise.com. My name’s Sean, I’m an ex-chronic-generalised anxiety sufferer that documents everything I’ve learnt about overcoming anxiety and low mood. What makes me qualified to show you what can work? I’ve been in the dark trenches of my mind and I’ve come out of the other side stronger than I ever was before.

The thing is, I suffered so badly for most of my life like so many people do. It was all-consuming and left me feeling unconfident, unmotivated and it also left me with a negative image of myself. Projectenergise.com is the place where I document my knowledge but also my on-going thoughts.

These are the thoughts of someone who’s struggled with constant worrying and low mood for the best part of twenty years. I want this space to be somewhere you can come and hopefully feel a little less alone in your own battle.

My anxiety was never ‘on-set’ by and event in my life but rather it has always been a niggling in my head that had held me back for so long before I decided to take action on it.

Like the many millions of people in the world I tried going onto medication to help lift my mood and to hopefully make me worry a bit less. This never really cut it for me, and as I got older, I realised the only way I was going to change my outlook on life was to do something myself and that’s what Projectenergise.com is all about, re-energising your mind to a state where you take action. Action that’ll lead you onto retaking control.

I’m genuinely passionate about helping others who are where I used to be. The reason I’m so passionate about it is because I know how it feels. When your mind is not functioning properly it affects everything you do. The way you see things changes for the worse and you can’t live a normal pleasant life…but you deserve to. Everyone does.

Now, I want to change your life. I want to be someone you can turn to, to speak to and to inspire you to take back control of your mind and start believing in yourself and your own abilities.

I believe anything is possible and I’d love for you to join me on my ongoing journey. Please click here to read my full anxiety story so we can get to know each other a bit better and maybe you’ll be able to resonate with it.

Here’s to your success – Sean



Although I have personal extensive experience in this field I am not a medical expert or a doctor. If you are experiencing symptoms of anxiety and or depression, you must seek advise from your doctor as a first point of call.

Projectenergise.com was created to document my journey and how I’ve personally overcome my GAD. What might work for me, may not have the same results for others. All I can say is, my generalised anxiety disorder was a bad as it gets and I came out the other side using different methods.

Projectenergise.com is aimed at helping those with generalised anxiety disorder, I do not give advise on depression for example.

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