The Anxiety Solution Review – A Clever Read

I’m always up for reading new books or listening to audio books on my daily commute. Signing up for Amazon’s Audible program (30 days free) I started browsing around the self help and self development categories. I love listening to other peoples anxiety stories and how they turned their life around and soon enough I found the book ‘The Anxiety Solution’

What Is The Anxiety Solution?


The Anxiety solution is a collection of coping mechanisms created and written by Chloe Brotheridge. It’s main goal is to help you overcome your anxiety and live a happier, healthier life.


Who Is The Anxiety Solution For?


The Anxiety solution is primarily aimed at women and mums however even as a man I took away some great value from it. It’s for anyone who wants to understand what anxiety is, it’s root causes and how to cope with the daily struggle.


The Anxiety Solution Review

Being a little over 4 hours of audio I like how Chloe tells her story and explains the struggles that she’s faced with not feeling confident and being highly anxious in everyday situations. A lot of it resonated with me and I truly felt for her.

The audio book focuses on anxiety root causes and then how you can work around those and over come it by proper eating, keeping a health diary and meditating. I already know the benefits of meditating and so it was nice to see it included in this audio book.

Chapters include self-esteem, (which I know is a huge factor) and proper decision making. It’s an honest view from someone who has learnt to manage her anxiety and go on to live a normal life. The core aim of The Anxiety Solution is to provide simple tips and coping strategies which combined will help you help yourself to overcome anxiety.

Chloe is very focused on calming you, and gently walking you through the steps you need to take. It’s non-imposing and listening to it itself is a calming experience.

What’s unique about The Anxiety Solution is it’s take on modern anxiety. Chloe goes into detail about how the modern world with the media and social media playing a huge part in peoples anxiety today.

It has a very up-to-date feel about it which I think is why it’s connected with so many modern mums and women across the globe.


If you want a simple way to start overcoming your anxiety, then this step by step audio book is for you. Best of all you can listen to it for free.

Head on over to Audible and get your 30 days free trial today.