4 Celebrities Who Have Anxiety And What We Can Learn From Them

If there’s one thing we share with our beloved favourite celebrities – it’s health issues. I don’t say this in a bad way, but instead write this to show that us ‘normal’ people are not the only ones who suffer with anxiety disorders.

When we are going through the motions of our anxiety, we can easily feel as if we’re the only ones feeling the way we do. I know myself that feeling lonely and different is a key area of intense anxiety.

Therefore, it helps to know that those we might look up to deal with the same everyday situations we do from time to time, and so more than others.

So, here are 4 big name celebrities with anxiety that you might not know about;


4 Celebrities That Have Anxiety


1. Adele


One of the greatest singers of our time, Adele has recently talked about how her anxiety attacks lead to her taking time off from music. Adele has had trouble overcoming anxiety and being in front of large crowds. Being under the pressure to perform in front of a big crowd is enough to make anyone nervous, but the scale Adele plays on is huge.

Adele admits that with her ever rising fame, she would experience more and more insecurities about herself which ultimately lead to more and more anxiety. Her anxiety got so bad that she started to refuse to play at festivals saying;

“I stopped playing festivals incase I started having a ******* anxiety attack on stage!”

It seems that Adele’s anxiety and anxiety attacks are ongoing battles that she has to try and deal with day by day. What I like about the singer is her ability to be real. She seems like the kind of person you could have a drink and a laugh with at your local bar and feel comfortable doing so.

I think that this ‘realness’ helps her fans connect with her when she talks about her mental health issues and it allows us to remember that even with all the money and the world, our minds are still vulnerable to feeling poorly now and again.

2. Zayn Malik


Rising to stardom with fellow bandmates in the 2010’s, Zayn Malik is another big name celebrity who lives with anxiety. Although Zayn claims to have his anxiety under control now, it did contribute to him canceling his recent japanese tour.

When we’e seen One Direction playing in their usual settings, Zayn has always appeared confident and assertive. However when the music stops there is a clear difference in his behaviour. Zayn appears more reserved when in interviews for example and he clearly seems more shy.

Zayn explained in a recent interview that simply “being honest about what is bothering him” has allowed him to open up and get his thoughts off his chest. This in my opinion is one of the first biggest hurdles when we’re trying to overcome our anxiety. It’s always hard to take that first step especially when you’ve been suffering in silence.

I can only imagine how hard this must be in a celebrity environment when the whole world is judging you. However, I commend him for taking the chance and being honest with his fans about how he’s been battling. This can only inspire his millions of fans around the world to open up about how they’re feeling too.

3. Emma Stone


Emma Stone is another celebrity who has anxiety. Emma shot to fame with films like Easy A and La La Land. She’s not a stranger to the spotlight and nor is she a stranger to therapy and coping strategies.

Emma has suffered with extreme anxiety and panic attacks since the age of seven years old and started therapy to combat her symptoms when she was just nine years old.

Although Emma claims not to suffer with panic attacks anymore, she admits that she still gets very anxious at times. Interestingly, it’s her profession that seems to help the most. Emma explains that by practicing her improvisation, she can calm her anxiety down.

It seems that by actively engaging her brain in this certain way, she’s able to override her negative thoughts and feelings. I think the fact that she went into therapy from such a young age shows how bad her anxiety must of been.

It also shows that no matter what you think is holding you back, you can achieve amazing things if you reach out for help and pursue what you want to do with your life.

4. Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp is one of the most experienced celebs on the list. It might be a shock to learn that the world famous actor has had serious social anxiety for most of his life.

After having huge success with countless films in his long career, his social anxiety is still something that seems to be in the background. Depp has said in the past that he would drink himself silly when in social situations just to make the experience so much easier to handle.

Depp has access to therapists that reinforce coping mechanisms when he needs a boost onset or in his normal day to day life. It’s amazing to a lot of people that someone who feels so anxious around others could appear as such a people person.

It is however evident that Depp appears surprisingly quiet and reserved in interviews or in public. What does Johnny Depp’s experience with social anxiety tell us? Much like the other celebrities with anxiety on our list, I think it shows that even though you may have to maintain your anxiety disorder for a long time in your life, it can be controlled.

Depp’s experience shows us that your anxiety doesn’t have to interfere with every aspect of your life and you can still become successful and content.

The Key Takeaway


The key takeaway here is that no matter how alone you feel when you’re feeling your anxiety, you’re not alone. Although saying this might not seem like it can help, understanding that even the rich and famous need some help from time to time can allow you to be mindful of the fact everyone at different stages of their lives can be effected.

We only see these celebrities when they’re at their best, but each and every person across the planet has quiet times when they need a little helping hand.

And although anyone can be affected, our anxiety does not have to take control of our lives.