Dream Water Review – The Stuff That Slips You Into Sleep

If there’s one thing I appreciate more now I’m a bit older, it’s sleep. I used to stay up so late, sometimes because of my anxiety, but sometimes just because I didn’t care bout feeling like rubbish the next day.

These days, I love sleep! It’s something I think we could all improve on, so… introducing…

Dream water! Is it the water of your dreams? I know so many people who find it hard to get good quality sleep, I’m also always up for trying new products when it comes to sleeping. That’s why I was excited to learn about Dream Water.

I first heard of it after watching one of my favourite vloggers use it on YouTube and thought it looked like an interesting idea, in fact, the name of the product alone was enough to get my attention. So, I hope my Dream Water review is enough for you to make your mind up whether you want to give it a go too!

Side note: I enjoy writing bout products that can actually benefit not just those who suffer with anxiety but everyday people looking for the little things that make life easier.

What Is Dream Water?


Dream Water is a powerful solution that aims to help aid better sleep. It’s a solution made up from 3 key components designed to work together to help you relax. It can be bought in ‘shot’ form or in sachets which seem to be more popular as you get more for you money.

Who Is Dream Water For?


So, who is Dream Water for? I was interested in finding out more about Dream Water because it’s claims of helping to reduce anxiety at night time before sleep. If you’ve ever suffered with anxiety you’ll know that it can cause your brain to over think right before bed when the lights are out and it’s silent.

Dream Water is also for people who have generally always had a hard time getting to sleep and for those who find it hard to get a deep REM sleep.

Dream Water is also marketed towards those who travel a lot like people who work in different places and have to catch flights often. The ‘shots’ or ‘sticks’ of dream water are supposed to be handy for these situations where you only have to rip the top off and tip it.

It’s important to note that it has not been determined if it’s safe for pregnant women as no research has bee done and it’s also only for people over 18 years old.


How Does Dream Water Work?


Dream Water is supposed to help you to sleep using its blend called Sleepstat. It’s basically a powerful combination of 3 key ingredients that work together helping you ease into a natural sleep.

The idea is to take one of these ‘shots’ or ‘sticks’about 30 minutes before you want to go to sleep although Dream Water does declare it can take a different amount of time varying on the person.


Dream Water Ingredients


So what the heck is even in Dream Water? That’s what most people want to know. Read on below to see if Dream Water is a good option for you.


The first key ingredient in Dream Water is GABA. This is a brain chemical that has shown to have a calming and almost sedative effect on the brain and therefore it makes sense that this chemical could relive anxiety and stress right before bed helping you to drift into an easy sleep.

2. Melatonin

I’m sure you’ve heard of Melatonin before. It’s a chemical made again in the brain and is thought to be linked to sleep and wake cycles. You basically make more of this chemical when you sleep in the dark and it gradually decreases in the day. The fact that it’s levels rise and fall based on night/day times means it’s vital to your sleep patterns.

3. 5HTP

This chemical is absorbed and turned into serotonin which gives us a calming feeling. Serotonin is usually quite void in people who suffer from low mood and depression and it’s important to get a healthy amount into your body to boost good chemical production.


Dream Water Side Effects


Dream Water has no known side effects at this present time, however if you have experienced any, please leave a comment below so others can be advised. It’s important that Dream Water IS a supplement and by taking it you are altering chemicals in your body. Not dangerously, but if you are taking medication then you should consult your doctor for advice.

Can Dream Water make you drowsy? I’ve not seen any reports of it making you sleepy in the morning and it claims to allow you to wake up feeling refreshed. Again, if you’ve experienced drowsiness, please leave a comment below.

I think the only real sides you may experience with Dream Water are those if you take medication with it or if you take too much Dream Water!

Dream Water Review- Can Dream Water Help With Anxiety?


All in all, I think that it can’t hurt to try Dream Water. I think that there are some good signs that it can help with your anxiety or stress. Whether or not it helps you sleep any better, it’s likely able to help reduce your racing mind before bed.

The idea that you can take a supplement for easing into sleep does really appeal to me because I’ve often suffered with ‘racing mind syndrome’ and high anxiety before trying to sleep in the past. I haven’t tried anything before to help reduce this. Personally I’ve always been a good sleeper once I’ve got to sleep but I know (like my partner) people suffer with broken sleep regularly and so something that could help you sleep throughout the night like this could be a god send.


I’d love to hear your experience with this interesting sleep supplement so please leave a comment below for everyone to see and take value from.


Here’s to your success – Sean