How To Get More Energy Naturally In 7 Steps

Get More Energy…The Natural Way



Give Me More Energy Already…

So you wanna get more energy naturally and probably rather quickly too. I feel you, maybe you’re in the same spot as me – you work full-time, have kids and overall a very busy schedule that leaves next to no time to relax and re-charge. This was the situation I was in (and sometimes still am) and so I want to share with you some tips on ways to get more energy and more importantly, getting energy naturally not through energy drinks and other garbage!


That’s what is all about, sharing with you, the reader different ways a young 21st century guy not only gets by but moves towards thriving and becoming a better human being. I always want to keep it real here on my blog, I’m a regular, real-life guy, dad maybe just like you and we all need a little help sometimes. See – I don’t want to see other people suffering to get by each day and forgetting about themselves and their health.


So Sean…just tell me how to get more energy already. ..



1. Get Up In The Morning Like You Mean It


I’ve always been a morning person, I don’t know why but I actually enjoy getting up and getting going (I know weird right) but I believe this is the first step in your day to getting more energy from the get-go. Sure I know that not every person on this planet enjoys getting up early, but, It’s a healthy habit to get into. I know first hand that your brain takes a while to boot-up, mine in particular takes a few hours…I may be a morning person, but I’m usually a grumpy morning person…

I know that if I wake up late, if I’m hungover generally lying in bed for a long period of time after I wake up – then I’ll be in a bad mood all day long. Annnd, I can’t be dealing with that. When you know how to get more energy in the morning, it sets your whole day up to a tee. I know you may be thinking; ‘but Sean, I love staying up late and binging on Netflix.’ Well then my dear friend, you’re doing yourself no favours.

I know that when I push past my bodies time to rest and go to sleep, I become overtired and hinder myself leading me down a groggy path the next day. The danger with this is it easily become habit and you start doing it every night.

Because I get up early, from 5.30am or 6am, I get a chance to unwind and start planning my day or ‘mentally prepare’ for what’s next. By that I mean the onslaught of demands from my son and girlfriend. I preach all the time on that allowing time mentally for yourself is so beneficial for you. In the morning before the family gets up is a pocket of time for you to unwind and get your head straight.

To get up early and feel the benefits of getting more energy, you need to go to bed at a decent time. We’re all staying up later and later, looking at our phones and watching TV, it’s so easy to do and get into the habit of and soon enough you’re doing it more every night. By the time the weekend comes along you’re too tired to do anything or get stuff done.

Try and listen to what your body tells you. For me, I aim for 10 o’clock latest because by that point I’ve been up and active for around 16 hours. That’s 16 hours out of 24, I know I need at least 6 or 7 hours to feel remotely good the next day, however, we are all different. The amount of sleep you need might be different than someone else so listen to your body and give it what it’s asking for.


So…get up early, and go to bed on time.


2. Drink That Good Stuff Like It’s Going Out Of Fashion – Water


This one’s a no-brainer, or at least it should be. I used to skip this one for longer than I can remember. It’s not like I never drank water, but, I didn’t get as much as I needed. A lot of the time I would mistake the feeling of thirst with hunger and I’d instead eat something, normally junk food to fill the void.


This is totally easy to do…


Many times when you think you’re hungry, try drinking a large glass of water and see how it satisfies you. You might be surprised. Drinking water is another great way to get more energy in the morning in particular. My routine consists of drinking a large glass, normally a pint in the morning when I wake up. I’ll then drink more and more water throughout the day when my body needs it. It’s kind of funny how something so normal and obtainable can make you feel so much better.


When you’re dehydrated, everything in your body moves a lot slower, digestion, ┬ábrain function etc. Now that I focus on drinking anywhere from 6-8 pints of water a day, I feel more energised, more with it and mentally alert. It’s easy to ignore and not do, I mean I love coffee, love it, but you gotta make sure you drink water too. I’ll always grab a bottle or a cup on my lunch hour whilst I’ve got my coffee. Yes, it makes you pee more but that’s not a bad thing. Think of it as flushing out all the rubbish from your system.

Let your body get the hydration it needs to fuel your organs and brain and you’ll notice a fast improvement in getting more energy.

I’ve always suffered from the fun of ‘brain fog’ and so I definitely have a clearer head after I’ve fed it a good dose of water in the daytime. Water is awesome and keeps everything moving properly.


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I’ll also note that I drink a big pint of water before I go to bed. This is another way to get more energy naturally and sleep better. I find myself feeling better mentally and fresher in the morning when I’ve hydrated before bed. I’m lucky in the sense that I don’t wake up when I need the toilet, so, I’ll sleep through and, er, ‘relieve in the morning’.

Keeping your body topped up will help lubricate yourself (don’t make this rude!) and keep your brain working like a well oiled machine. That’s why I take a bottle of water with me pretty much everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I have the worlds most overactive bladder and sometimes it’s a pain to get up and go to the bathroom every five minutes, however, it’s totally worth it.


3. Exercise And/Or Stretch In The Morning


Okay, so we may have established that you’re not a morning person, but exercising, even lightly, is a great way to get more energy. Like I said, I get up early and enjoy the benefits of having some ‘free time’ before everyone else wakes up. If you do, why not use it to get a little bit of exercise in?


I’ve always trained with weights and since I’ve had a child I’ve had to find pockets of time to do my exercising, when my son was very small, this would be when he had naps or fell asleep early in the morning. Now that he’s a bit older and sleeps in for longer, I find the time in the morning. See a theme of getting more energy in the morning??

If you’re into body weight exercising or working out with weight, or even yoga/stretching, try and do it early on before you eat breakfast. I find that after I’ve ‘mentally roused’ I’m feeling up for it – not after work when I’m tired and groggy. Release those good endorphin’s in your brain in the morning and get them flowing around your body and mind for the rest of the day. Exercise is a great way to wake up your brain, get things pumping and ultimately giving you more energy and mental stamina.

Once everyone is awake, I know I’ve made positive, productive steps and it’s only 8am! Go me huh…

Don’t feel like it has to be in the morning though, maybe you have pockets of time during the day or maybe in the evening when the family is engaged in something else, I just personally find it easier to get it done in the morning. The other benefit of exercising for energy is…


You get a damn good sleep.

The days when I workout or go for a long walk, I sleep like a freakin’ baby. I literally put my head on the pillow and pass out like I just got an uppercut from Anthony lie. These are the best sleeps because of a few things;

  • You re-charge your body and mind
  • You know you’re getting what your body wants
  • You feel fresher in the morning
  • You went to sleep earlier so you know you’ll be able to get up earlier


Let’s assume you have no kids, or if you do, they go to bed when they’re told (lucky you) this means you have no excuse to exercise if you only have time in the morning.


I think it’s really important not to beat yourself up by telling yourself – ‘I have to spend an hour on a treadmill in order to make it count.’ Everyone starts somewhere and if you just make the change to get some exercise, even if it’s for 20 minutes in the morning or the evening you’ll start to get more energy and feel better about yourself. Progress builds confidence so make sure you start doing something today to give your body so playtime.


Exercise is also a great way to get more energy during the day. I know first had that after stepping out of the gym in the afternoon, I’m on a high and feeling like I’m ready to take on the world. That buzz usually run with me for a couple of hours after giving me a boost of energy throughout the middle of the day.


4. Eat Right And Make Your Body ‘Like You’


The easiest and probably best way to get more energy naturally is to eat well. Yeah I know – boring old information, but, I think it’s true. Don’t you feel crappy after eating a bucket of fired chicken or a big Mac burner (or two).


Hey I’m a regular guy like you that’s had my share of those addictive burgers. Although I can tell you how to lose weight all day long, Instead I’m more interested in re-energising and talking about how what you eat makes you feel because I think that’s more important to some degree. Junk food is satisfying at the time but don’t you just feel totally rubbish and bloated afterwards? I know I do…

Although I’ve never been ‘overweight’ as I’ve always exercised, but I’ve also been a huge junk food eater and always felt bloated and groggy. Maybe that’s why I’m so into ‘re-energising’ and feeling better as a whole hence…

So how can you eat to get more energy naturally? It’s very obvious but it’s what most people don’t want to hear or it’s what people have heard so much they have lost interest. Okay, I’m not going to start preaching that you need to eat leaves and live in a rabbit cage, instead I’ll tell you how I changed up my diet (and still manage to have to occasional fast food take away) whilst still feeling well and keeping brain fog an mind haze away.

Natural foods are the best way to boost energy, hands down. What I do is I’ll focus eating the foods that I enjoy, so for example I started adding in fruit to my breakfast like oranges or bananas. When I did this I was trying to boost my energy but also to see if all the boring talk about healthy eating was really worth it even if your not overweight. I’ve always enjoyed fruit and veg so this wasn’t too hard for me. Over the years though, fruit became non-existent in my life, I became allergic to apples (I know, great right?) and I generally lost interest.


When I added in fruits to my daily food consumption I was amazed..

By eating an orange or two in the morning I felt a burst of slow energy that lasted more than 20 minutes and had a clearer head. What was great was, It literally took me a few days to start feeling the benefits.

I totally believe that by giving your body what it was made to eat is the one true way to health and have a strong well-being. You don’t have to suddenly go vegan though, I’m not I think that taking small steps that are realistic especially in your busy life is the way to go. When you want to eat well, drink plenty of water and get to bed earlier, you start to overload yourself with thoughts that you don’t do enough and you start getting bummed out…


5. Drink Coffee In The Morning Only



This might sting you if you’re like me…Man I freaking love coffee and I have trouble staying away from that sweet caffeine throughout the day. If I could have one of those hats that has straws coming down to my mouth, it would be coffee I would put in it.


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It’s true though, since I knocked coffee in the afternoon and evenings, I feel a lot fresher. Instead with lunch I’ll grab a bottle of water and chug that instead. I used to drink a coffee with lunch everyday, now it’s once or twice at the weekend instead. Caffeine is very good at bumping your energy up but it’s not a very good way of how to get more energy during the day. If you have a coffee with your lunch you’ll likely crash out an hour or sooner after drinking it. These ‘crashes usually make me feel worse than I did before because I’ve temporarily stimulated my brain instead of really giving it that boost it needs all day through drinking water and the other points I’ve made.

It’s kinda like energy drinks (which I used to be addicted to) in the sense that you get an awesome sugar rush but it’s so short lived. So if you can, have a coffee in the morning and not after noon. See how you feel after a week and see how you feel by implementing the other points I’ve talked about.


6. Have Some Down Time


If you’re like me, your schedule is hectic, kids work, Nexflix (ha! just kidding) you find it hard to get some down time. I make it an important part of my day to have that down time for myself. It’s usually in the morning when everyone else is asleep, but, at the weekend for example, I’ll get an hour or so whilst everyone is out at the shops or on play dates.


This special time to myself is spent doing things like art and writing (this blog) and or something else. I believe that not only conditioning your body to be healthy, but conditioning your mind to be healthy is the best way to get ore energy. After all, your brain controls your whole body so why wouldn’t you give it some good food and stimulation?


So, the best way to get more energy is to do the things that you love doing. Not what your parents or your partner want you to do but what you naturally find interesting or entertaining, you know the things – the things that you’re not sure why you like them but you just do for some reason. For me that’s drawing and writing. I’m my most satisfied when I’m allowing myself the time to do what I naturally gravitate towards. Yes, we’re all busy but feeding yourself that ‘passion food’ is what gives you the mental energy and it’s the purest form of enjoyment.

I call this ‘passion food’ and describe it like this;

‘Feeding yourself your natural desire and deep passion through an activity you truly enjoy’

Don’t you just feel great when you get to do your hobby or passion? They might include;

  • Biking
  • Drawing
  • Hiking
  • Sewing
  • Writing
  • Football

The list goes on…whatever it is you naturally gravitate towards and feel a deep desire to do, make sure you give yourself the time to do it because I truly believe that that is the only way to pure energy and fulfilment. If you have to ask your partner to take the kids for a couple of hours, that’s what you gotta do. Make sure you pay them back though!


After you’ve had your down time doing what you enjoy doing you’ll definitely feel a boost of energy and feel good hormones.


7. Get Outside And Into Nature

Hey don’t get me wrong, I’m no hippie (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but I love getting out in nature even if it’s at the park. I’m lucky where I live in the south of England because there is forest everywhere and the sea is just down the road.


I guess it’s like you’re parents always used to tell you, ‘get outside in the sun’. It’s true though, after taking in the fresh air in rural areas you start to feel re-energised and it’s one of the best ways to get more energy. All the pollution from towns and cities can really take it’s toll on your body and your mind so feeding it some naturally air and sights can make you feel better right away.


We often go for a walk in the forest or along the beach and even when I’m feeling tired, the cool air that runs off the sea refreshes me and gives me that boost of energy that I need after a long day in an office looking at a screen.


One of the great things about having a child is you get to go to the park all the time (haha) but it’s great because re-connecting with your child-like-side and having fun even if it’s running about can get you into a great mood. It’s easy to sit on the bench whilst your kid runs about because you’re too tired etc, but once you jump right in and muck about too, it can really give you an energy boost. It’s also a great way to get some energy from easy exercise.

I think the take away from this is – we’re all so busy, I’m busy, you’re busy but setting the time, no mater how small it is, for yourself, is really important. You can’t go full steam all day every day without burning out and losing track of why you’re even doing everything. There are so many ways to get more energy but even if you employ 2 or 3 of these tips I’ve shared with you, you’ll start to feel a lot better within yourself.

After all, I’m just a regular 20 year old something like you (or maybe you’re older) but I’ve made it a priority to look after myself because I know that I’ll be able to look after everyone around me better in doing so.


Here’s to your success – Sean