A Mindfulness Guide For The Frazzled Review

Ruby Wax, the American born comedian/TV personality, recently released a book on mindfulness;  A Mindfulness guide for the frazzled inspired by her own coping needs with her depression.

What you might not know about Ruby (if you know her at all) is that she is one of a few mental health campaigning celebrities. Ruby Wax is a bit of an enigma in the celebrity world because she actively talks about her own mental health and how her depression has made her feel and how it has affected her life.

One of the things we often see (especially with comedians) is there funny outer shell and don’t learn about their internal battle with depression until after they’re gone and so I respect her openness.

I believe that if more people in the public eye can open up and share how they feel without feeling ashamed, it helps people like us who feel like we’re the only one’s going through it.

Best known as being a funny comedian, Ruby has at the same time found herself going into big bouts of depression and anxiety.

Here’s a quote from Ruby’s well known book ‘Sane new world’ where she describes how her depression leaves her feeling;

“There is nothing, empty space, whoever you were who lived in your skin has left the building, vanished.”

Having lived with depression on and off for most of her life, Wax was interested in psychology and how mindful therapy could help to keep her level headed.

So, she finally finished her masters degree in mindfulness based therapy at the university of California.

Wax’s latest book – A Mindfulness Guide For The Frazzled is a simple easy-to-follow guide on how to use mindfulness for those who are at a loose end or anxious. It’s based on what she’s learned herself and how mindfulness has helped her through times when she’s been in a hole of depression.


In A Nutshell…



A mindfulness guide for the frazzled


In a nutshell, A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled is a beginners guide to mindfulness, a walk through of modern life and why we gets so stressed, and a simple yet effective way of becoming less anxious and down.


So, what is mindfulness and how can it help you?


So if you’re not familiar with the practice of mindfulness, this book is going to be a good introduction for you. It’s a light hearted approach to the practice of letting life happen around you.

Mindfulness can be described in several different ways. I like to describe it as – training yourself to let life happen without passing judgment on the every day thought and feelings that find their way to you.

Mindfulness is not a new concept although it’s been highlighted in western culture in recent years as being the next ‘best way to stop anxiety and depression’.

Although this is a bold claim by some, there is evidence that a mindfulness program can in fact stop or at least reduce negative thoughts, anxiety disorders and depressive states.

Yes, it is true that research into mindfulness on depression and anxiety is limited as of yet however those who practise it can vouch for it’s effectiveness. One of the beauties of mindfulness is, you don’t need and equipment and you can do it starting from today without ever having previous experience.

Here’s one piece of research into mindfulness that looks promising;

A study published by the university of Oxford consisting of 273 people (2013) showed that after just one month of following a mindfulness course they showed;

  • A 58% reduction in anxiety levels
  • A 57% reduction in depression
  • A 40% reduction in stress

I think those numbers are pretty good considering mindfulness is a non-intrusive way to battle anxiety and depression.

Essentially, with a good mindfulness routine you’ll learn how to become grounded, how to re-connect with the world around you, how to let your negative thoughts exists without making you feel down and how to not pas judgment on those thoughts.

Although the practise of mindfulness has many techniques, Ruby Wax’s; A Mindfulness Guide For The Frazzled is an effective beginners guide for those who have been feeling down and just want a clear door for how to get better.

Although is doesn’t have all the answers (and no book ever will) Ruby Wax’s Frazzled will guide you in the right direction. If you enjoy the practise of mindfulness, you can then build on what you learn in this book.


Ruby Wax A Mindfulness Guide For The Frazzled Review


Like Ruby’s other titles, the book is written in an amusing, quirky manner. It’s friendly approach makes it easy for anyone interested in mindfulness to learn about it.

A key area Ruby likes to explore in this book is the idea that modern life has caused us to become stressed, anxious and depressed. It’s written in a way that’s relatable and you’ll find yourself saying ‘ah, yes I totally get that!’

The beauty of A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled is the way Ruby lays down the issues we all face in daily life but then turns the mood around to be uplifting and hopeful. Her personality shines through in this book which is shown by her personal experiences and encounters with depression and practising mindfulness herself.

Ruby has a real human ability to tell it how it is and connect with the reader on a base level. Giving that she herself has gone through ups and downs in her life, she is able to create not just an informative book on the science of mindfulness but also an entertaining one.

Many of the mindfulness books out there have no personality (I know because I’ve read a lot of them) whereas this title has you almost hooked from the outset. Being so relatable and humorous, this book is well worth a read if you just want a simple yet detailed beginners guide to mindfulness that doesn’t beat around the bush.


What exactly is in the book?


  • An Introduction to mindfulness
  • How to use mindfulness with your family and children
  • Personal accounts of using mindfulness by Ruby
  • Moving stories
  • A 6 week mindfulness program
  • detailed mindfulness techniques including the body scan and breathing techniques

A Mindfulness Guide For The Frazzled Conclusion


Essentially, Ruby’s book is a beginners guide to mindfulness. She differentiates herself from other mindfulness books by using her personal stories to move the audience and explain how mindfulness can help you personally but also as a parent and your family.

The personal aspects of this book make it easy to understand. If you’re looking for an effective way to treat your depression or anxiety, mindfulness can be a great place to go. You have nothing to lose by at least learning about it.

I personally love reading and hearing how people are overcoming their mental health issues and Ruby’s story is a great read. She is open, honest and doesn’t hold back with this funny yet clear guide.

Here’s to your success – Sean

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