Panic Miracle Reviews – Does It Really Work?

 Welcome to my Panic Miracle review – “8 weeks to a panic attack free mind.”

Panic Miracle review in a nutshell – Panic Miracle is a 3 step, 8 weeks program that can stop your panic attacks and related anxiety by using a holistic approach.

If you’ve been looking for a way to stop panic attacks then you may of come across Panic Miracle. Being in the anxiety space myself, I’m always on the look out for people who have claimed to end their anxiety and panic attacks, especially when it’s through techniques they’ve developed or put together themselves.

One of these people is Chris Byliss. Chris suffered with generalised anxiety and panic attacks for over 14 years before he came up with his product Panic Miracle. The interesting thing is, he claims that his system can permanently heal your panic attacks and anxiety by up to 95%.

These are very bold claims and so I wanted to find out a bit more about his system. Panic Miracle is a natural remedy for healing panic attacks and general anxiety. Chris emphasises that it’s not another diet or pill popping approach, instead it uses a combination of ideas to get to the root of your panic attacks and anxiety.

So if you’ve tried breathing exercises, meditation or anything else on it’s own, Chris’ holistic approach could be for you….



Who Is Panic Miracle For?


People who have been having panic attacks, duh! However Panic Miracle has been designed for people suffering with different aspects of anxiety as well;

  • People who suffer from constant negative, obsessive thoughts
  • People who suffer from spontaneous racing heart
  • People who suffer with random hot flashes
  • People who often feel out of their surroundings
  • People who often feel edgy and not quite right most of the time
  • People who have agrophiba
  • People who get dizziness brought on by anxiety
  • People who suffer from frequent panic attacks

Chris tells us that he suffered with all of the above for over 14 years. I can feel his pain here as I also experienced all of the above for the best part of 20 years!

Chris goes on to explain that this program of his is an effective treatment because it tackles all of the above and doesn’t focus on just one symptom of anxiety and panic attacks. Panic Miracle is ideally for those who are at the point where they’re fed up of feeling like total shit all the time. They’ve tried different methods and just want something new and easy to follow.


How Panic Miracle Was Developed


Panic Miracle was developed after Chris tried different methods of stopping his panic attacks and fear. He was sick and tired of never being able to hold down a job because he got to the point where he was too scared to leave his home.

After 14 years of treatment and talking to doctors he realised that the treatments were just temporarily helping to ease his symptoms but when he stopped them, his panic attacks would just come back right away.

Effectively, he was just masking the problem.

Chris decided to start self educating himself to get to the cause of his attacks and daily fear. He says that after years of experimenting and learning he finally put all the information he had gained into an easy to follow program. Focusing on all the information that really helped him, he pieced it all together and gave it a name; Panic Miracle.

After almost putting a complete stop to his daily panic attacks and crippling anxiety, he realised that he’s created something that could be powerful for others.


So What Is Panic Miracle?


So what the heck even is Panic Miracle and what do you get? Essentially, it’s a 250 page e-book that’s quickly downloaded and ready for digesting.

Panic Miracle is aimed at training the way you think about anxiety and fear and the program is divided into 3 parts;

1. The Foundation Of Recovery


In the first part of the program is about laying the right foundation for your recovery. This means arming you with the information about why the brain produces so much excess anxiety and fear when it’s not needed.

We learn about how anxiety is actually an addiction that we create in our minds. Essentially, this is how I saw my anxiety all those years ago. When I wasn’t feeling anxious and my mind was on something else, I would feel almost guilty and found myself going back to feeling anxious as it was what I was used to.

Chris’ idea is, you have to lay a solid foundation by having a solid understanding of why things happen. If you don’t you’ll never really connect with how to recover. Chris educates us by sharing the many ways the brain can become over-active due to primal responses in the brain, why these responses occur and the path way to putting them right.

This first chapter in the program is really to open up your mind to why things go a bit wrong in our brains. When I was first suffering with crippling anxiety like Chris, I searched this information out myself, looking for the scientific causes and I think Chris captured them well and put them in an easy to understand format.

With this eye-opening information, you can hop into the second part of the program…


2. Emotional, Perception & Exposure Plan


The second part of the program is set up as different techniques to change the way you see your anxiety and fear and how to start dealing with them. Effectively this part is the core of the program as it is stuffed full of techniques you can start to follow to heal your anxiety and fear.

To be honest it’s much like CBT therapy in that Chris teaches us how to change the way we see things and by doing so, we can eliminate anxiety and fear. Changing the way you think about things is powerful and is a scientifically and medically proven way to end your anxiety or at least level it out.

It appears that Chris has compiled all the ‘need to know’ Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques that have helped thousands across the globe.

Along with strong perception techniques to change the way you see and emotionally connect with everyday situations, the exposure plan is designed to gradually expose yourself to the situations that cause you the most fear.

The plan is basically a way to bit by bit put yourself out there and start facing your fears. Facing my fears was a big part of my personal recovery. I did this all on my own due to sheer fear of being anxious for the rest of my life.

For those who are a little less confident that myself, having a step by step exposure plan could really help you take the necessary steps to putting yourself out there.


3. Diet And Exercise


Yes, we all know that diet and exercise can make us feel better physically and mentally. Essentially, Panic Miracle is a program to change your life and your lifestyle. Each of the parts of the program work together to create a powerful cocktail of anxiety beating techniques.

In part two of the program Chris exposes us to the mental approaches of dealing with anxiety and panic attacks.

The third part isn’t a diet and exercise plan (Chris doesn’t claim to be a fitness expert) instead, this part of the program looks at the benefits of having a good diet and fitness regime and the benefits it has on our minds.

Whether the idea of exercise and eating properly fills you with dread or excitement, it’s undeniable that living a healthy lifestyle has a direct impact on our minds and how they function.


Does Panic Miracle Work?


Here’s the real question, does Panic Miracle work? I don’t know what kind of anxiety and panic attacks you suffer with. Chris seems to think that his program can be tailored to your specific needs though.

Let’s look at what some people who have taken the program have said;

“I am doing really awesome now being at my house alone with no panic or fear whatsoever. I have battled with driving anxiety as well for many years and your tips were a real god sent as I have recovered from this awful debilitating condition as well 3 weeks after I have completed your step by step plan. It has restored my reassurance in myself and had provided me with a great sense of control to overcome the nightmare I was in and become an independent person once again. I would recommend anyone suffering from either anxiety, panic attacks or all types of phobias to give your program a try.”

-Arlene Menezies, Australia


” I was suffering badly from all classic anxiety and panic attack symptoms but was misdiagnosed by several doctors who insisted I had heart and blood pressure disorders. I was experiencing my worse panic bouts when I went to bed or in the car while driving to work. I was almost paralyzed by these horrific experiences that I started taking pills and all sorts of medications just to calm the fears that haunted me day and night. It came to a point where I wanted to do something about it or just die and end it. My father and I had decided it was time to take action and a close neighbour had recommended your program. I still thank her every day… I am now a completely new person. I smile a lot and drive with confidence. I feel so empowered by your methods and in depth information about the cause of this vicious cycle of panic that I feel I can handle almost anything. Your guide is definitely an excellent resource for anyone who is dealing with general anxiety, phobias and panic attacks. Thank you! “

-James Hewson -Canada


How Can Panic Miracle Help In The Long Run?


Chris’ program is aimed at helping people long term. This is something he seems to be passionate about from the get go. Because he tried so many different techniques of overcoming his panic attacks and anxiety, Chris felt beat up by nothing sticking.

The techniques that Chris puts in this program have been shown to have long lasting effects, the same long lasting effects that talking with a therapist can have. Instead of focusing on one way to battle your anxiety, the historic multi-dimensional approach in this program seems to have a more powerful effect on recovery.

I don’t think there’s ever one way to recover from something. What might work for one person may not work for another and there’s no promise of this program working for you in particular. What this program does do, is increase the chances of your overcoming your attacks and anxiety by using multiple proven methods.

Used in conjunction with each other, you not only have the chance of higher rates of recovery but also get the largest benefit of increasing your perspective on things.

For me personally, getting to a place where I had a clear view of the bigger picture was when I started to feel differently about overcoming my anxiety and could actually start taking step to getting better.

Are There Any Cons?


There’s always something you won’t like with a system. One of the ‘complaints’ with Panic Miracle is that it’s too big of a book. I don’t know how Chris could make it shorter without leaving out some key information to be honest.

It might take you a while to read but it seems to be packed with a lot of useful information, and, 14 years of trial and error by someone who used to suffered badly with panic attacks and anxiety. I think that’s the ekey take away here.

I never listen to people who haven’t been through the terror of anxiety and panic attacks. I only want to hear from those who have been there and got out the other side.

In the grand scheme of things, I don’t think 250 pages is that big. I like getting stuck into instructions, especially when they resonate with my experience. Chris talks about a lot that I went through and so it’s nice to see how he recovered.

My journey was similar however he focuses on panic attacks as well as anxiety.

Some people don’t want to follow a program all the way through. Panic Miracle has a lot of information and so it does take a bit of time to get through it and digest it. The main reason why Panic Miracle takes a while to get through is because of the exposure plan.

This is a gradual plan to follow and the whole program takes from 6 to 8 weeks to complete. Wouldn’t you spend a month or two to change your life forever?

I can’t say that Panic miracle is going to change your life forever because not everything works for each individual but I do know that I would try this program if I was still down and out after trying every treatment under the sun.

If nothing else, this system is a great read that can expand your mind and increase your perspective on everything.


Panic Miracle Review Conclusion


So there we have it. The 3 step, 8 week program is totally worth a shot. If you don’t like it, you can get a refund no problem. The whole program costs $47 for lifetime access.

I think that spending $47 on something that could change your life is a no-brainer when you can always get your money back. If I was still trying to find a way of recovering from my anxiety, I’d definitely be looking into programs like Chris’ Panic Miracle or Sean Coopers System.

The internet has made it so easy to find others who have overcome what you’re going through. By investing a little today, your whole world could change.