Overcome Your Anxiety And Build Healthy Mental Habits for the long haul.


Overcoming your anxiety, whether it’s health, general or any other form, starts with the want to change. It’s about getting to a point where you say ‘enough is enough’ and you start to take action.

I built Projectenergise.com to share everything I know about overcoming anxiety.

By using healthy mental habits, I was able to start my recovery and begin a journey to peacefulness and acceptance.

We’ve all read top ten articles about anxiety and how if you follow them you’ll be anxiety free in no time. Let me be perfectly real with you – it’s all rehashed information that gets churned out by paid-by-the-word-count writers.

I want to give you real advice, straight from a person who knows what he’s talking about, but I also want to give you more than that. I want to give you ongoing advice that’s helped me and those around me to continue feeling well and valuable.

Who Am I?…


Who’da thought Rome was so beautiful!

Hey there internet surfer! I’m Sean, a 20-something dad, artist, but mostly I’m just a guy trying to make it through life in the healthiest ways possible. That’s me on a trip to Rome recently!

I overcame my general anxiety disorder and it’s possible for you too. This website is focused on GAD and it’s made up of all the knowledge I know on the subject though my own experience after spending most of my lifetime suffering.

You can read my full story here

My writing is aimed at those who feel like they’ve lost control and are fed up of feeling a constant worry.

All the advice and motivation is from me. It’s a no BS environment that if nothing else, will help you feel comforted. My mission is to help and inspire people to realise that their anxiety disorder is NOT who they truly are and it does NOT define you as a person.


anxiety monster
Here’s the anxiety that used to rule my life…

Here’s the anxiety that used to rule my life. I drew it out not just for me, but also for you. Because anxiety is often a complicated feeling with no real form, I find it therapeutic to give it one.

I like to imagine it as a kind of floating ghoul, that tries to pass through your mind and attach itself to your emotions, causing you to pass judgment on yourself and the situations you find yourself on a daily basis.

I learned there’s no secret formula to overcoming your anxiety disorder, but there are techniques to turn that evil smirk into a calm joyful smile.


Are You Ready To Change Everything?


Okay, does that sound dramatic? Maybe… But, changing the way you think and see the world really does change everything. Imagine if you woke up tomorrow and you didn’t have a burning worry, the flutter in your stomach that never goes away, or a panic attack that keeps you indoors…

Wouldn’t your life feel so much easier? Wouldn’t things feel like they made more sense? I won’t pretend that I know all the answers, but I know that I can offer you some real value and advice.

Overcoming your anxiety starts with the realisation that you can change. I personally found this hard to believe because I’d suffered since I was a young child.

It was ingrained in me, it was my lifestyle and the thought patterns I’d built up year after year. It’s kinda hard to believe you can change the way you feel when you’ve felt a certain way for so long.

I don’t think you can ‘cure’ anxiety, mainly because it’s a human response. Instead, you absolutely can overcome your anxiety disorder.


Please, Stop Looking For A Cure.


This was a real learning curve for me. I was looking for a way to ‘cure’ my anxiety disorder before I learnt some real hard truths. You’ll never cure anxiety.

I need anxiety. You need anxiety.

It’s what stops you from walking out into the road with your eyes closed.

If you never felt anxiety, you wouldn’t think about consequences or really have a sense of deep care for anything. Instead, you can get your anxiety back down to a ‘normal’ level.

By normal I mean not constant.

Anxiety ain’t the enemy, it’s just simply taking too much control where it shouldn’t. If we can control it, or better still accept it and not give it any weight, we can make it less important to us than it needs to be.

This is how we truly recover. We see it for what it is, let it come and go, but we don’t analyze it or judge it as negative.

I look forward to seeing you inside the blog.

Here’s to your success – Sean