3 Minute Meditations Review – Quick Guided Meditation For The Busy


Something I’ve always been intreged by is meditation. The idea that you can drift away somewhere into a sheer peacefulness has always seemed really appealing to me. So, one day, I looked over the internet in an attempt to find a quick guided meditation program for beginners.

I’m also always looking for ways to re-wire how you think because of the damaging anxiety I used to experience. I’ve heard for years about ‘mindfulness’ and the power of anxiety meditation techniques. I’d like to say that I never think you should rely on one thing to help with your anxiety but instead create a lifestyle that naturally incorporates lots of small positives activities.

If you’re like me, you’re a busy guy. Whether you’re a dad, mom, work full-time or you’re very busy for any other reason, meditation for your anxiety might seem like a stretch. It always seemed like to get any benefit from meditation, I’d have to set up something on the floor and sit there with my legs crossed for an hour without getting interrupted!

However, this is not the case! I wanted to introduce 3 minute meditations to you today which has been a great little add-on to my routine and I am already seeing the benefits. It’s helped to calm me and because I use it in the mornings, it sets you up for the day. Not bad for 3 minutes a day.


What Is 3 Minute Meditations?


3 Minute meditations is a 28-day audio and e-book program designed for beginners who want a simple entry point into the world of meditation. When you have anxiety, you often get muddled in your thoughts, so it’s nice to have a straight forward guide that you can follow.

The e-book consists of the history or mediation and how it can benefit you and your mind. It’s created by a guy named Adam Michael Brewer a meditation coach to celebrities over in Cali and other people like regular mums and dads who want to experience a different outlook on life.

The quick guided meditation program focuses on 9 guided audio sessions for you to follow over the 28 days. It’s relaxing, calming and I think the author does a great job of easing you into what could turn out to be a great hobby/passion for you.

Once you’ve checked out 3 Minute Meditations, you can also see the added ‘bonuses’. This consists of a journal which have themed days. Each day has it’s theme and is designed to open up your mind and give you a sense of self-awareness.

That’s something which I think is important when it comes to taking control of your anxieties. Self-awareness is something I talk about a lot about when it comes to anxiety and I truly believe in having a strong sense of this is one of the first steps to overcoming your condition.

Who Is 3 Minute Meditations For?


I ain’t gunna lie. I want to learn new things especially when they help keep my anxiety and mind in check. However, I don’t always like to have to put lots of time into learning new things because I’m already busy working, blogging, creating video content and being a dad. 3 minute meditations is for people who want to learn meditation, maybe they are not totally invested in the idea yet but they want to learn it with a quick guide.

3 Minute Meditations is great for the busy people among us that don’t want or normally have a spare hour to learn a new skill or enjoy a new hobby. Michael wanted to put his 13 years of teaching into a product that anyone can pick up and start learning easily in no time. It’s great for people with anxiety. Although it won’t ‘cure’ your anxiety on it’s own, I think it’s a great addition to anything else you try.

3 Minute Meditations is also for people who find it hard to stick to a routine with something. Because it’s only 3 minutes a day (or more if you want) it’s easy to get into a habit of waking up and listening to an episode.

Can It Help With Anxiety?


So, can it help with anxiety? After all, that’s mainly what I right about. I think it can. Meditation is a healthy way of channelling your thoughts. 3 Minute Meditations is really just a step by step guide that you get walked through over 28 days to learn the fundamentals of meditation.

I know from first hand experience that having bad anxiety can leave you confused and muddled in your thoughts. It’s difficult to know where to turn next. However, meditation could be a great place to start channelling all of your negative thoughts.

One thing that I preach about on Projectenergise.com is making time for yourself. More specifically, making time for your interests and the things that temporarily remove yourself from your anxieties. As many of you know, for me, it’s blogging and drawing but having a healthy hobby you can get stuck into like meditation, could work wonders for you. Plus, it’s only for 3 minutes at a time!

I like how Michael makes it non-intimidating to get started in meditation and for that I praise him quite a bit.

Although this product is designed for people with not a lot of time, or those who feel intimidated by learning a new skill or hobby, I think it holds a lot of value for those with anxiety and who lead busy lives. For me, this means being a full-time worker and a dad. Both of which leave me little time to do what I want to do to stay sane! Because I write on this very website, make video content and other bits, I don’t think I’d have time to go to a physical class and learn meditation. Thank god for the internet!

I love that you can download a digital course and get going straight away these days.

So, it’s over to you, go and check out 3 Minute Meditations if you’re interested. If you like, you can contact the team at 3 Minute Meditation and find out a bit more if you’re on the fenceĀ here.

I’d love to hear if you’ve tried meditation for anxiety before and if it has helped you.

Here’s to your success – Sean