Natural Remedies For Seasonal Affective Disorder That Actually Work

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There’s a lot of talk about whether seasonal affective disorder or ‘SAD’ is a real thing. I would argue that it is, at least in my personal experience. I can still remember being a young child that would get depressed on dark winter days and feel totally fed up. It’s true that there is a direct correlation between the weather and your mood.

Although this does not effect me too much these days, I still feel as if I’m in a lower mood when the days start getting darker around November. So, if you suffer with this too, then here are some natural remedies for seasonal affective disorder that have worked for me.


1. Start That Project


In my opinion, everyone need’s project. For example, is my project. It’s a project that gets under my skin and allows me to focus on a task. I’ve always enjoyed having projects that I can work on and get fulfilment from.

Is there something you’ve been waiting to start but keep putting off? Generally, I find that the winter time is the best time to start projects. People stay in more, unlike the summer, which leaves you with more time at home to get on with things.

Having a project like starting your own blog, an art project or crafting can be a great remedy for seasonal affective disorder, not because it takes your mind off the darker days but because it actively engages your mind especially if you’re passionate about what you’re doing.


2. Get The Right Lighting


It’s well accepted that a lack of light has damaging effects on your mind and body. It’s the reason we feel so much more ‘up’ in the summer days than the winter days.  Being able to get sufficient light is a big part of overcoming seasonal affective disorder.

When we can’t get good access to daylight it has a huge effect on our moods. One thing that can give you a huge boost of energy and a general feeling of wellbeing is a SAD light.

I believe this to be a good natural seasonal affective disorder remedy. Although it’s not natural sunlight, the SAD light works to mimic pure sunlight indoors. I was first introduced to SAD lights by my inlaws. I was quite amazed at how high quality the light was! It made a huge difference in the room.

The SAD light works by emitting high quality light in an indoors environment. Light therapy is a common treatment for seasonal affective disorder. I like SAD lights because you buy them once and then you can reap the benefits on dark days over and over.

SAD lights work by reducing melatonin, the hormone that makes you sleepy and that can make you moody. In turn, this increases serotonin which gives us that high feeling.

Simple enough – plug and and then your away.


3. Exercise In The Darker Months


You’ve heard it over and over but exercise is going to make you feel better and happier. Much like the SAD light, it’s going to release those feel good hormones.

Exercising in the darker months gives you preperation for the warmer months when you may be wanting to go away on holiday and want to look a bit better on the beach!

Lots of people are still confused about where to start with exercise. The good news is, you don’t have to spend hours and hours in the gym despite what you might read. Working out for 20 minutes a day intensively can be much more rewarding and beneficial.

You can start here if you just want to start in a no pressure way;


natural remedies for seasonal affective disorder

Joe Wicks has gained huge popularity recently because of his short but effective workouts. Beginner friendly, they are a good place to start if you’re struggling to find the time and just want some guidance.


4. Eating The Right Stuff


Again, you know this. However it’s harder in the winter months right? Of course we end up eating more junk, more alcohol and general rubbish.

That’s fine to an extent, you should allow yourself to enjoy the festive months. The important thing is to be mindful of is how it’s making you feel. I’ve been guilty of this over and over again and I know many others are too.

It’s easy to overlook how what you’re eating actually makes you feel. If you’re tired you might blame it on the sleep you had the night before when actually it could be because of your current diet.

Hardly anyone wants to eat right. It can be boring and people then stop and go back to eating junk. One of the hurdles of eating right is this, boring food.

There are in fact plenty of resources online that can help you jazz up your healthy diet if you look around a bit.

Eating a healthy diet is an important natural seasonal affective disorder remedy and shouldn’t be ignored.

You can start with this book here if you want to eat right but still enjoy your food;


5. Don’t Be Afraid To Just Talk About It


If you’re feeling down, have the winter blues or you’re generally just fed up, upen up. Just talking to a loved one about how you’re feeling can have a massive positive effect.

For example, I had held in my feelings about my anxiety disorder for years before I told anyone about it. I finally opened up to my mother and it felt like I’d taken a load off.

Many people still don’t want to talk about how they’re feeling when they’re down or their suffering from seasonal affective disorder. Many times these people feel like they’re being stupid and they think people will laugh at them or just tell them to pull themselves together.

I learned that I had to open up. By physically talking about it you can get scared of ‘making it real’. However by ‘making it real’ you can start to let it out. You’ll be amazes how much better you feel after simply talking.

The hurdle is getting over the feeling of being silly, but, just remember, you’re not being silly, everyone feels down whether it’s in the winter time or not and it’s vital to communicate it to others.

Here’s to your success – Sean